Why this course?

Invest in digital health

This course offers an enticing blend of theory and practice. It offers an engaging approach to learning, and will use the practical experiences of trainers and also participants to good effect.

In five days the course focuses on the foundational issues that enable effective digital health. It is based on practical knowledge of key digital health issues, in particular:

  • understanding how digital health strengthens health systems,
  • developing digital health strategies, enabling digital health systems to work together,
  • and managing behavioural change.

The combination of the practical and policy experience of the trainers, together with what participants bring from their national and local experiences provides a unique blend.

The course will enable participants to explain the key issues to be addressed in digital health, particularly in transitional and developing countries,  so that policy is developed that should lead to successful implementation.

Health organisations need innovation and expertise to help them address the challenges of providing quality health and care with constrained resources by investing in digital health.

Health planners, properly trained in digital health, can provide this, but in many cases it is also helpful to use external advisers, many of whom can bring experience of digital health in other countries.
For both planners and advisers, this foundational training in digital health offers a better shared understanding of what is needed to develop and take good policy decisions in their particular situations.

The ultimate impact of this course will be felt when successful digital health strategies and solutions enable patients to experience the benefits of smoother continuity of high quality care, and health organisations have the potential to reallocate cost savings to improve service provision.