I am a digital health adviser

Digital Health Adviser

Your situation

You are working for a development organization or you are an adviser in the health sector. You would like to help countries developing and scaling up digital technologies, and make better use of better data.

You would like to unlock the power and promise of digital health care and even bridge digital gaps between health financing and health service delivery.

While you know that technology holds incredible promise for the health sector, you are lacking experience in IT and IT-related strategies. Sustainability is important for you. You also want to provide the right advice at the right time for health sector organizations implementing digital health. A lot of money can be wasted by wrong investments in digital technology. That’s what you want to help avoid.

Perhaps you are working in a consortium with different developing partners and you want to makes sure all interventions and investment opportunities in digital health are well-aligned.

How will this course help you?

After this course, you will have strengthened your profile as an adviser for digital health interventions. You will have the necessary resources to support policy work for digital health and advise on investments in digital health.

You will be able to guide countries through the transition process from highly fragmented to interoperable IT solutions and you will know how to adapt to the constant change in technology.

You will have a better understanding of the issues as seen from the health planners’ perspective – whether at national or local level in different types of country.

Learning objectives

The three key learning objectives are for you to be able to:

Prepare, and appraise strategies for digital health

By the end of the course, you will be able to advise on the how digital health systems can strengthen health systems. You will have a richer understanding of the complexities of introducing digital health into health organisations. You will have broadened your knowledge of how to support health planners and their organisations develop well- formed digital health strategies, the appropriate use of toolkits to support this process, and the issues to be addressed in making investment cases for digital health.

Advise on the interoperability of digital health solutions

The course will help you provide well-informed advice about improving digital health governance. To help you advise on how to realise the benefits of interoperability, the course will develop your knowledge of the policy and implementation issues to be faced when introducing  different types of registries, and unique identifiers.

Advise on the actions needed to introduce digital health records, and identify key management and behavioral changes

You should be able to critically appraise management action plans and monitor evaluation frameworks in existing digital health strategies. And, by the end of this course, you should be able to identify and advise on the behavioral changes required in yourself and organizations you are working with in order to most effectively implement improved digital health.