Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course available as on online course?

Given the complexity of the topic and the high demand in the region, we developed the course as a face-to-face course so far because the interaction between trainers and participants has a high value. The course will not be offered online at the moment.

Where is this course different from other eHealth courses?

There are no other short courses geared for digital health POLICY developers and advisers.

The course focuses on the foundational issues that enable effective digital health. It is based on practical knowledge of key digital health issues, in particular: understanding how digital health strengthens health systems, developing digital health strategies, enabling digital health systems to work together, and managing behavioural change. The combination of the practical and policy experience of the trainers, together with what participants bring from their national and local experiences provides a unique blend.

Is the course 4 or 5 days?

The course is for 5 days. On the fifth day, in the afternoon, we will organize a Heidelberg city tour.

What is the course fee?

For the course in Heidelberg, Germany, the course fee is:

Tuition cost:                                                    1200 Euro

Accommodation & Seminar hosting cost:  800 Euro

Total cost:                                                       2000 Euro

The tuition fees include overall administrative support by the processing of documents and final course registration before the start of the course, welcome and orientation information to the course participants in Heidelberg, the full training program and coffee breaks in the morning and in the afternoons. The students will enjoy a city tour to the beautiful Heidelberg on Friday.

The flight, visa application, health insurance and accommodation are NOT included in the tuition fees and have to be organized and financially covered by the students.

What qualification do I get?

You will get a Certificate of Attendance from the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health.

Will I enjoy it?

We hope so! There will be a good blend of presentations and group work designed to reinforce the core concepts. There will be lots of interaction and peer learning, as well as some social activities.