BAO Systems and eSHIFT have partnered to host the first Digital Health Symposium 2019 in Geneva Switzerland. We are inviting interested parties and donors to assist in shaping the agenda for the event, with the goal of transforming discussion on digital health interventions. The symposium will bring together representatives from local and national governments, NGOs and development agencies to discuss how information is shared and used within and among countries to improve health. This event will provide an opportunity for digital health experts to share knowledge and best practices for implementing and expanding health information systems.

Our Vision:

The health field has changed in a remarkable way since the advent of digital health programs. Our efforts in the past decades have been going towards helping great ideas scale into the national health systems of developing countries so that populations can achieve better health outcomes. We believe strongly that with international cooperation and collaboration we can create sustainable, efficient and practical digital tools.

Our Mission:

Our work has led us to some of the most sensitive and difficult to access areas in the world, in order to reach and help high-risk populations. As an association, our goal is humanitarian, we aim to provide better outcomes for low and middle-income countries. This said, we are engineers and have been exposed to the health world early on. We believe in a private-public collaboration as we are aware of the economics of sustainable models. These are the models we wish to implement.