Course fee

Course fee

Tuition cost:                                                    1200 Euro

Accommodation & Seminar hosting cost:  800 Euro
(this also includes 2 x coffee & 1 x lunch per day)

Total cost:                                                       2000 Euro

Information on the cost

The tuition fees include overall administrative support by the processing of documents and final course registration before the start of the course,  welcome and orientation information to the course participants in Heidelberg, the full training program and coffee breaks in the morning and in the afternoons. The students will enjoy a city tour to beautiful Heidelberg on Friday.

The flight, visa application and health insurance are NOT included in the tuition fees and have to be organized and financially covered by the students.

During the course the students can’t expect any financial support from Institute of Global Health at Heidelberg University or evaplan at the University Hospital Heidelberg.